Made in Brazil

Bikinis Made in Brazil

Our office and warehouse are located in Orlando, Florida. The shipping are made from Orlando to all US, it takes normally 2-5 business day to be delivered.


Yes, you must use a brazilian bikini cut!

Brazilian bikinis are known as the best bikinis in the world, always with innovation our designers bring you the most beautifull and best products possible, always thinking in your confort during use!


Our products are 100% made in Brazil,  with a delicate and attentive process, our quality inspection is thorough so that we can guarantee that our products reach the customers with the highest quality standard.


We always use high-quality raw materials such as polyamide and polyester fabrics with Lycra approved elastane yarn. Our colors are solid and will not fade if you follow the washing information correctly. All of our products have sun protection UVA and UVB +50.


In Brazil our company deliver more than 2,000 orders per month, and we receive more than 100,000 users in the website monthly.


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